Why outdoor education?

Outdoor education plays a very unique and irreplaceable role in the Australian Education. Throughout their schooling, a majority of Australian students take part in a wide range of camping programs organised by school, accredited organisation, and family. We believe outdoor education teaches students knowledge to assess risks, equips students with skills to react to challenging situations, and encourages students understand deeper human-nature relationships through direct personal contact with the outdoors.

户外教育在澳大利亚教育中扮演着非常独特和不可替代的角色。 在学校教育期间,大部分澳大利亚学生都会参加各种各样由学校、专业机构、或家庭组织的露营活动。我们相信户外教育可以教会学生用来评估风险的知识,为学生提供应对具有挑战性情况的技能,并鼓励学生通过直接与大自然接触建立更深层此的关于人与自然关系的理解。

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated teachers who work in Australian schools. We have successfully organised multiple school camps in and out of Victoria. We are trained professionals passionate about outdoor education.


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