What to see and do on camp?

We provide a range of camping programs that allow students to experience the rich culture of Australian museums and galleries, as well as interactive and fun packed outdoor adventures. Each camp program is designed and planned to address different knowledge and skills. Throughout their stay in Australia, students are accompanied and guided by our dedicated Australian teachers, who are experts in both mainstream classroom teaching and outdoor education. Activities vary from camp to camp, featuring a wide rang of Australian outdoors life.

我们提供一系列的拓展营,包括让学生体验澳大利亚丰富的博物馆和画廊文化,以及互动性强且有趣的户外探险活动。 每个拓展营都有其专门针对的知识和技能,学生们在实践和体验之前、中、后都有专门的老师进行指导和培训。在澳大利亚期间,学生都将有专门的教师陪伴、引领。这些老师不仅有着丰富的主流课堂教学经验,更是户外教育的专家。具体活动内容因各扩展营而异,会根据不同的季节里澳大利亚户外生活的某些特色进行设计 。


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